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Sunday Services: Rite II 10:00
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has evolved into a community defined by outreach and love. As God has enriched our lives and we are inspired through prayer, study and interaction with others who desire to do God’s will, our commitment to the vulnerable has grown. We seek to recharge our spiritual batteries through worship, prayer, study and a holy conversation among others who are also trying to make the world a better place.
The inner balance of our inner lives and outward efforts to bring hope to the world for very happy people.  We enjoy being together in work and fellowship. We cherish our traditions as well as the opportunities that God has provided for our growth.  Our children are very important to the way we operate and that has become evident in our Sunday School and Youth Group enrollment.  Currently we have 45+ young people with a dedicated staff of Teachers and a professional youth leader.  Our 6th grade + kids are also involved in the Regional Youth Program which enlarges their horizons.
We are always looking for people with new ideas to enrich our lives. We are also prepared to grapple with the challenges and risks of opening our doors as we are ever mindful that it is God who sends them to us. We also understand that sometimes new folks are here because they need a temporary or permanent community and sometimes we need the message they have to bring.
We are gratified to say that St. Paul’s has become a spiritual home to folks in transition, particularly the military. We are welcoming to the LGBT community and all those who have been wounded by other churches. It is also a safe place to try on the idea of becoming Christian and what that really means; not what is promoted in the popular culture.
Again, why do we do this, because God first loved us and took a chance on us. We aren’t perfect but we’re giving it our best shot.
The Peace of Christ be with you today,
The Rev. Joanna White, Interim Rector,

The people of St. Paul’s

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